Welcome to Plant Based Jess!

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Jessica and I am a French Canadian (from Québec) now living in Maine with my husband Christopher and our two children, Zachary and Lilianne. I’m a whole food plant based enthusiast and this blog is about spreading the word on all the benefits this diet brings.

My own health journey started when I became aware of the suffering animals had to go through to get on my plate. This was enough to make me rethink my way of eating and I slowly started to migrate towards an whole food plant based diet. I then quickly realized how healthy this diet made me feel and the endless variations for new cooking ideas that it brought to me. My excitement was also fed by the idea that I was participating in the improvement of the long lasting health of our planet.

When I discuss my food vision, most people are interested but can’t seem to visualize how to make it happen in their daily routine. Busy working days, family obligations or lack of ideas are some reasons that keep people from jumping in. What I am hoping to do is bring you easy tips on how to get organized, plan ahead and cook delicious recipes to finally make your health a priority.

At Plant Based Jess, you can find satisfying whole food plant based recipes delectable enough that it will make you come back for more. This is a no calorie counting guilt free blog to celebrate food in its simplest way.

Thanks for letting me share my passion for whole food plant based diet with you! Now, let’s get cooking!