How to make Vegan Milkshake with Coconut Milk

and  without ice cream!

This coconut milk milkshake is made with only a few ingredients (no ice cream), has a rich coconut flavor and makes for such a fun snack or dessert!

This dairy-free milkshake is so delicious and bursts with amazing coconut flavors. It comes together in minutes and is so  easy.


- Banana (ideally frozen) - Canned coconut milk - Shredded coconut - Vanilla extract - Sweetener


Toast the coconut until golden brown


Add the ingredients to a blender


Blend until smooth


Serve and  garnish

This vegan milkshake is delicious served with coconut whipped cream, slices of banana and more shredded coconut !

Get all the recipe details below via the link!

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