How to make the BEST Vegan White Queso

This vegan white queso simply is the BEST! It is so cheesy and creamy, you won't believe it's healthy and dairy-free !

- Cashews - Potatoes - Nutritional yeast - Lemon - Salt - Red pepper - Canned green chiles

The ingredients are very simple and it comes together within 20 min! It's a perfect cheesy topping for Mexican dishes or to serve as a dip with  tortilla  chips.

The flavors are unbelievable and the creaminess addictive. Also  lower-in-fat, calories and salt. 

Add the ingredients to a blender (except the pepper and chiles)


Blend until super creamy and smooth


Stir in the peppers and chiles without blending


Serve and garnish with more pepper and chiles


Makes for such a versatile cheese sauce to garnish over meals. It is so flavorful and creamy! Great for dinner, snacking and amazing for the Super Bowl!

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