Yellow rice with Veggies and Tofu

This healthy yellow fried rice is easy and such a flavorful main or side plant-based dish. Very fragrant, thanks to the turmeric and garlic, and loaded with veggies.

This yellow rice also includes tofu for extra protein, but also more texture. Makes for a filling and flavor-packed meal!


- Rice & Turmeric - Onion & Pepper - Garlic & Ginger - Tofu - Frozen veggies - Lemon

Let's make it!

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Step 1

Cook the tofu

Step 2

Until it becomes crumbly and golden brown

Step 3

Cook onion and pepper with aromatics

Step 4

Add frozen vegetables

Step 5

Add tofu back to the pan

Step 6

Add rice, cook and serve

Fully egg-free, plant-based, dairy-free and packed with good-for-you turmeric!

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