cucumber nori rolls
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Cucumber nori rolls

These savory cucumber nori rolls are so refreshing and perfect for summer. Make it with the quick homemade tofu spread for a healthier version. It’s vegan, easy-to-make and so delicious.

One of my favorite activities to do with our children during summer is to have a picnic outside. You can imagine how much more chaotic it is to eat away from home with 2 youngsters that can barely sit down for a second! So, I keep trying to find new ideas for healthy and tasty lunches that are easy, MESS FREE and kid friendly. This recipe checks all these boxes. These nori rolls hold well together (thanks to the sticky delicious tofu mix) and make them thin enough so your tiny handed little one can hold them easily.

Adult only family, do not leave me just yet! These rolls are tasty, crunchy, full of fun textures and so satisfying. Add a drizzle of sriracha if you need a spicy kick and impress your friends with your healthy lunch.

cucumber nori rolls
Why you will love these cucumber nori rolls!

Easy to make: Just spread, roll and eat! I will walk you through how to make them, so no worries.

Versatile: I love to use cucumbers while making these rolls. They bring a great crunchiness and so much fresh taste. But feel free to fill them with what you want! Red pepper, fresh herbs, shaved purple cabbage, julienned carrots, etc. No limit here, experiment and have fun.

Healthy: As you can see, there are no bad processed ingredients, just fresh and nutrient dense delicious stuffings. Also, making the tofu filling yourself will help you avoid unnecessary additives and keep the salt level low compared to the store bought tofu spread.

So tasty: There is something unique about combining the savory creamy filling and crunchy ingredients. The nori sheet could be left aside if you don’t have it, but do not underestimate the taste it brings! You will add lots of extra umami addictive flavor using it.

cucumber nori rolls
Easy to make you say? Yes, it is.

Let me show you how to make them and you will be convinced.

– First, prepare the healthy delicious tofu spread. Everything goes in the food processor, super easy. If you are in a pinch, then simply use hummus.

– Then, peel the cucumbers and keep peeling to get thin crunchy slices, like ribbons. This method of cutting veggies is the easiest way of getting super thin slices.

– Almost done already, you see? Now, just place a tortilla on a cutting board, add a nori sheet on top. Cut the excess if you want it to look perfectly round like the tortilla. Then spread the tofu filling on the nori sheet (be careful not to break it) and align the cucumber peels on top. And ROLL!

Have extra tortillas? Check out these Tortilla pizza for a fun way to use them.

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Cucumber nori rolls

These tortilla rolls will be a fun change from your regular square sandwich. They are easy to make, healthy and so full of flavor.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Keyword: Vegan
Servings: 4 rolls


  • 4 whole wheat tortilla
  • 4 nori sheets
  • 1 batch of tofu spread (or hummus)
  • 1 large cucumber
  • sesame seeds, to taste optional


  • Find the recipe of my healthy tofu spread by clicking here. If in a rush, then use store bought hummus.
  • Peel the cucumbers. Then, keep peeling them to make thin slices. Set aside.
  • Place a tortilla on a cutting board or a plate, then put a nori sheet on top. Spread an even layer of the tofu filling on the nori sheet. Then, distribute the cucumber slices on the tofu spread aligning the slices side by side. Then roll. (see the blog for visual description)
  • Cut in half, if desired. Enjoy!

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